Atelier for conscious hedonistic research & design

In 2018 Florian Nelemans graduated from the Technical University in Delft as an architectural engineer. As a conscious hedonist and expressive rationalist he adores nature. Within the 21th century humanity faces multiple global challenges like climate change, economic instability and cultural conflicts. A transformation of the anthropocentric foundation of the finite society of nature, animals and humans is necessary.

The Atelier was founded in 2020 to have a positive contribution to life on earth. The founder is interested in the nature of universe, transformation of behaviours, education of the unknown, the art of crafts and material development. Through conscientious sincere creation of beauty FNA desires to manifest communities which are more sustainable. Focusing on design of architecture, sculptures and furniture. They also have a vision on future landscapes, the urban fabric, interiors and products.

Florian Nelemans